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Estee Fisher Heim

Twenty-five years ago, I had a terrifying dream which disturbed my peace. This dream motivated me to embark on a long journey, inquiring about the origin of my dream and its meaning. In the dream, I lose my son during a dangerous unexplained adventure. My two sons and I climb a tall wall, and as we get to the top, my younger son lifts his arms and drops down to the abyss below us. You know that dreams can feel real, and the feeling is that they either display facts or an urgent warning. The frightening scene haunted me. Why would I have such a terrible dream, and what does it mean?


At the time, I was researching intuition and already had an idea about the nature of dreams. But it wasn’t until after this dream that I decided to solve the enigma of dreams and I knew I would not stop until I found a satisfying solution. Since then, I have solved hundreds of dreams with clients, friends, and even strangers who called me, seeking advice.

Learning how to solve my dreams helped me understand myself and enabled me to recruit my strengths to better my life. Over the past two decades, I succeeded to fulfill my day-dreams, established a private college, published my new book about dreams, and helped thousands of students and clients reach their goals and improve their lives.  

Dreams are meaningful because they are true moments of our lives



Recalling a dream when waking up always catches us by surprise. We wonder: Where did this dream come from? How did it get into my mind? Who created it? And – is the dream delivering a message?

Researchers regard dreams as “mental experiences” – an expression reflecting our subjective feeling. It certainly feels like something is happening in our heads during sleep. But is this the truth? 

Dreaming happens during sleep, but – and this is a crucial “but” – dreams are not created during sleep.

Dreams as A Second Chance = DASCh

The DASCH theory provides both an understanding of the dreaming process in sleep, and a technique to decipher the dreams we recall when waking up. 

What is dreaming?

When we sleep, we do not think, sense, feel, or engage in any mental experience, although it certainly feels like we do. Dreaming is not a mental activity. Dreaming is a biological process – it is the brain’s mechanism for clearing our heads while we sleep, so that we wake up refreshed and clear-minded, ready to tackle the new day’s challenges. During sleep, the brain removes extra data, and if we wake up right after dreaming, we may remember a dream.

“My dreams taught me a great deal about my beliefs and action patterns, and empowered me.” Shoshana M.

What are dreams? 

Dreams are of great psychological significance: since dreams portray non-conscious thoughts and emotions we have while daydreaming, they give us a second chance to learn about our non-conscious inner world. Your dreams reveal your inner knowledge and inner wisdom – they portray your speculations, worries, concerns, self-doubts, challenges, wishes, and ambitions. 

 “In my dreams, I am often haunted or running away, but through my dreams, I discovered my unfulfilled potential and my strengths”. Baruch B.

The meaning of dreams

Understanding your dreams is crucial to improving your life. Your dreams provide significant data on how to fulfill your heart’s desires, achieve your goals, and deal with obstacles.

The complete explanation, based on brain research, is in Estee Fisher Heim’s book “Dreams as A Second Chance”.  

To deepen your understanding and practice dream-solving – you are welcome to join the DASCh Club.  

Your dreams reveal your challenges and your inner strengths


7 Reasons Why You Should
Solve Your Dreams

Have you ever pondered the hidden messages our dreams may carry?
Interestingly, my theory suggests that dreams do not convey external messages, but rather display our own non-conscious thoughts.
In essence, our dreams present to us our inner desires, fears, concerns, and emotions – revealing our inner truth.

Click to read more: 

We never know the whole truth about ourselves. Deep and long-term therapy can help us learn who we are and why we behave one way or another, but there is a much shorter, simpler, and more cost-effective way: Solve your dreams! Your dreams will help you know and understand yourself, and this is a valuable gift “from you to you”.

Some people like to roll: get up, work, and conclude without encountering any issues. If you are of the other kind, who loves insights and enjoys improving yourself – dreams are the most wonderful and quick way to get new insights about yourself and your conduct!

Dreams manifest problems that we tend to ignore, situations that we tend to smooth out, and negative emotions that burden us. Dreams help us identify and resolve, or at least avoid, unnecessary states of continuous internal distress.

Dreams reveal the inner difficulties we tend to ignore or repress, or delay resolving. Lack of proper attention on our part may make things worse and this can lead to disturbing or repeated dreams, or it can trigger an illness that we don’t understand why it struck us.

Dreams reveal the truth and encourage us to confront what is bothering us. Most of our dreams reveal new options, suggest better ways of conduct, or point to our under-used strengths. Solving dreams regularly, will reduce the number of wrong reactions and mistakes, clarify the right decisions, and motivate you to make the necessary changes for a better life.

Dreams always display new ideas, and often these are novel and out-of-the-box solutions. Our fleeting thoughts are sometimes too original or too “creative” for our rational thinking, so we reject them in wakefulness. The seemingly silliest dream may contain a genius idea that have fleeted through your head in the awake hours but remained unnoticed. Grab the idea in the dream and enjoy its fresh perspective or insight. To enhance creativity, learn how to invite dreams on particular issues.

Many things in our lives make us uncomfortable or distressed, but we don’t know how to overcome themt. Dreams indicate exactly what disturbs you. Your dreams display your conflicts and frustration but often also suggest ways to cope and move forward. Understanding your dreams is understanding what needs to be changed for peace and joy in your life. Apply the recommendation in your dream! It is an idea that has already crossed your mind and now you get a chance to apply it to your own advantage.

A dream we recall is our second and last chance to meet an idea
before it is gone forever


The Importance of Dream Interpretation

Dreams show our inner world: thoughts and feelings we are unaware of.

Dreams are unclear and seem weird because they display ideas that have crossed the mind during waking hours without getting our attention. Numerous ideas cross the mind in awake time and remain unfamiliar and vague. We must clarify the idea in the dream to benefit from our own inner wisdom!

Bizarre dreams are the focus of my research. Once you learn how to understand the bizarre scenes in your dreams and identify the connection of each dream to your life – every dream becomes a clear idea.

The illusion of dreams: they feel like something really happened in your brain while you slept. Actually, dreams merely replay memories from yesterday.


The Complete Novel Theory

The book presents the DASCh theory – Dreams as A Second Chance, based on scientific findings. It includes a step-by-step technique for solving bizarre dreams, and 57 clarified and explained dreams.

The book is 278 pages long, available on Amazon in digital or printed format.
Published by iCU, Israel, 2023



This book is eye-opening for everyone, whether you’re just an everyday person or a scientist. In a simple change of perspective, we no longer think of sleep as the thing that makes our dreams, but instead, we see it as a state of deep rest and separation from the real world, where we’re not aware or thinking. Finally, there’s a theory that scientists can actually test. And having a clear way to explain every dream is really valuable.


At first, it is quite shocking to learn that nothing has really changed in the scientific view since Freud’s theory. But obviously, findings point to new understandings: dreams are created in the time when our mind wanders about. This bold theory gives a new, refreshing, and empowering approach to understanding our strangest dreams in the simplest way. I’m glad I came across this book.


“It is a super fascinating and very helpful book discussing dream interpretation and how you can figure it out for yourself.”



Daydreams are pleasant. Night dreams give us further insight. Eventually, we need to take action to achieve our dreams 😊



First, let me emphasize that it is important to immediately write down in detail every dream you recall. Any detail is significant and may be a clue for the correct interpretation. 

In the book, I explain and demonstrate the DASCh method for understanding dreams straightforwardly, with no symbolism, mysticism, or psychologism.
The DASCh method enables you to clarify every detail in your dream.

Basically, you can start with understanding the central image in your dream or finding the connection between the dream and your everyday life. You can also start with a general characterization of the dream.

In a one-on-one conversation, we can solve together any dream within a few minutes, as long as the dream is fresh in your head. That is, no more than 8 hours have elapsed since you woke up and recalled the dream.

If you don’t solve a dream you recall – the idea in it may be lost forever….

Basically, you can start with understanding the central image in your dream or finding the connection between the dream and your everyday life. You can also start with a general characterization of the dream.

In a one-on-one conversation, we can solve together any dream within a few minutes, as long as the dream is fresh in your head. That is, no more than 8 hours have elapsed since you woke up and recalled the dream.

If you haven’t yet read the book, or have read it but want to reinforce or enhance your understanding: Click here for the questionnaire that will guide you how to solve your dream – for free! The more details you remember and record, the more accurate the solution will be.


In any case, since this is a questionnaire, without a one-on-one talk, it is quite likely that the solution received from the questionnaire will be incomplete or somewhat inaccurate. The most significant element in trying to understand a dream is identifying the context: The connection between the dream and your life. Try to find out the context by yourself, and you can always ask me for a personal call at the link below.

Our ongoing courageous coping with daily challenges is reflected in our dreams. 
How do we know this is true?
Over 80% of our dreams display FRUSTRATION! 😊


Why We Dream

This is the million-dollar question: Why do we dream?

We dream because the brain tries to get rid of superfluous data that has accumulated during the awake hours.

During daydreaming, many ideas flow through the mind: they emerge and disappear before we have a chance to process them. These new and vague ideas remain as faint memories until sleep-time.  

During sleep, the brain erases the content from daydreaming, so that we wake up refreshed and with a clear head. The erased memories may become dreams…

By erasing extra data, dreaming renews the brain’s capacity to handle new incoming data. Thus, dreaming promotes a feeling of freshness and mental resilience. 

why we dream - DASCH
Dreaming erases extra content

Dreaming helps us move on instead of getting
stuck with a load of negative concerns


Highlights of The DASCh Method


  • Work With a Recent Dream
    Recent dreams are easy to solve, and the dream interpretation is entirely up to you! Since every dream is directly related to your life, only you can identify the issue and the exact solution found in the dream. 

Besides working with recent dreams:

  • Understand Your Dream
    Clarify every detail in your dream to get the accurate meaning of your dream. Do not get tempted to look for symbols. Each image in your dream is part of the thought you had in the past day. 
  • Recognize the Emotions
    The dream portrays emotions you have non-consciously experienced during the past day. The emotions reveal daily difficulties that weigh upon you. 
  • Stick to the Content
    The DASCh method is based on brain research suggesting dreams do not contain symbols to decipher, nor any hidden content. Try to avoid a Freudian approach: Instead, try to get the accurate meaning without guesses or imaginative psychological explanations. 
  • Identify the Context
    Discover how the dream relates to your life. What issue caused you to have these feelings or thoughts?


Practice The Method and Enjoy the clarity!
Develop interpretation skills by practicing the technique on different dreams.

At least 60% of all dreams relate to relationships,
and about 40% to work, career, and financial issues

5 Benefits of Applying DASCh

Here are a few of the reasons it’s worthwhile to understand your dreams accurately: 

What will you gain?

  1. Awareness of Personal Challenges and Solutions
    The DASCh technique helps you solve problems related to work (40% of dreams) or relationships (60% of dreams). 
  2. Know Your Non-Conscious Inner World
    Your inner world is what motivates you or makes you feel bad, guides you daily to success or hinders your advancement. Too often, our non-conscious inner world leads to serious mistakes or poor decisions.
  1. Precise Psychological Insights
    Understanding your dreams sheds light on significant insights into the issues that burden or occupy you. Dreams can provide enlightening and indicate solutions.  
  1. Improve Your Conduct
    Understanding your dream enables you to realize mistakes in your conduct and draw conclusions about how to improve your attitude, responses, or reactions, Thus, dream interpretation may assist you in bettering your life.
  1. Practical Suggestions for Positive Changes
    Dreams expose ideas, suggestions, or understandings about what you should do or need to pay attention to.

Dreams do not reveal things we have never thought about, but rather ideas and insights that have crossed our minds, unnoticed


About Estee Fisher Heim

Estee Fisher Heim is the director of a private online college in Israel, an author of books, and a developer of practical theories.

Her courses, all in Hebrew, can be taken online at: www.online-college.co.il.

In her private practice, she is a counselor and mentor, primarily focusing on helping couples in crisis and supporting the growth and success of small business owners and driven individuals.


Estee Fisher Heim has studied philosophy at Ben Gurion University, completed teacher training, and holds a teaching certificate. During her stay in the United States from 1985 to 1997, she pursued further studies and engaged in education, real estate, and writing. Fisher Heim is a dreamer, visionary, and diligent entrepreneur, as demonstrated by her significant personal achievements and unique capabilities in helping others find happiness and prosperity. In 1998-9, she led a unique AI project focused on document summarization.

Fisher Heim is an autodidact. Although she has never pursued formal academic integration, she has cultivated profound expertise across various disciplines, including psychology, business success, and artificial intelligence. Her extensive knowledge comes from ongoing independent studies fueled by her curiosity to understand the mysteries of humanity. 

The theories developed by Fisher Heim include the following:

  1. Intuitive Intelligence – A pragmatic theory, combining intuition and inner knowledge with rational thinking and judgment, and resulting in precise insights. The method is practiced in coaching, counseling, and therapy.
  2. Coaching Therapy – A practical therapeutic approach that combines psychotherapy understandings with coaching principles. It aims to strengthen individuals with low self-confidence, dwindling mental strength, or non-clinical mild depression.
  3. Practical Positive Psychology – Based on recent studies, Fisher Heim developed practical techniques and tools to enhance positivity, optimism, joie de vivre, mental resilience, and successful coping with challenges.
  4. The DASCh Method – This model for clarifying dreams as a second chance is based on neuroscience findings.

Her first two books were published in Israel, in 1996 and 2004, so far only in Hebrew. However, she chose to write the book about dreams in English, and you can find it on Amazon.

Contact: For inquiries, you can contact Estee Fisher-Heim via WhatsApp or the contact form on this page.

My specialty

With my extensive background as a life coach, marriage counselor, and success mentor, I possess the expertise to assist you in making the most of your dreams. 

I aim to help you overcome all kinds of obstructions and become stronger through learning and personal growth, inspired by your day dreams (aspirations) and night dreams (concerns, etc.)

Join my Bi-monthly Live Coaching to learn how to fulfill your daily dreams and harness the power of your night-dreams for personal growth and success.

The DASCh Method is designed for individuals seeking their core inner truth, aiming to enhance their lives through success, harmony, and inner peace.

Dreams portray your inner truth – your thoughts and emotions.


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Join our monthly Zoom meeting for an engaging coaching session and Q&A about day-dreams (fantasies, goals, self-fulfillment…) and night-dreams (concerns, worries, threats…). As you may know by now, they are tightly connected. 

We will discuss your dreams and their meaning.

Explore a variety of thought-provoking topics and empowering tools as we delve into the depths of meaningful issues and engage in insightful conversation. 

For further information about the content, please read the “DASCh Club” section, below. 

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We look forward to your participation!

New ideas that cross our mind in daydreaming, may come back to us in night-dreams


DASCh Club

DASCh Club is an exclusive program dedicated to harmonizing your life and fostering personal growth, built upon the DASCh method by Estee Fisher Heim. 

Learn the art of solving bizarre dreams and gain insights from each dream.

DASCh – Dreams as A Second Chance, is the guiding principle behind our monthly program. Through discovering the connections between elements in dreams and real life, you gain valuable insights and opportunities for personal growth, helping you make the most of the second chance dreams give us.  

The program spans over 8 weeks and encompasses 10 pre-recorded lessons, 4 Live coaching and Q&A sessions, and a monitored WhatsApp group.  

After completing the program, participants are welcome to stay in the Club and continue practicing dream interpretation.

Join the waiting list for November 2023. Limited spots are available. 

Advance at your own pace through our thoughtfully designed tutoring and coaching, comprising 20 sessions.   

Acquire skills to empower yourself by interpreting your dreams, gaining profound self-understanding, and responding effectively to diverse situations.

Additionally, you will learn the daily habits of self-trust and success, equipping you toward continuous growth, prosperity, and happiness.

8-Week Program

  • Week 1 – Weekly pre-recorded lesson – advance at your own pace + Bi-monthly live coaching and Q&A session, in Zoom.
  • Week 2 – Weekly pre-recorded lesson + Solving dreams – Engage in open discussion with other members about improving your life through solving night-dreams and fulfilling your passionate daydreams.
  • Week 3 – Weekly pre-recorded lesson + Participate in the live bi-monthly coaching and Q&A session in Zoom. 
  • Week 4 – Weekly pre-recorded lesson + Solving and “inviting” dreams: “Dreams on-demand” deal with your pressing issues. Continue the ongoing open discussions.

The program continues for 4 additional similar weeks. 

The live sessions are held on Sundays, 20:00 Jerusalem time.    

School of Dreams – Weekly Recorded Lesson 

Learn how to clarify your dreams and benefit from them. For example:

  • Identify the main idea in each dream, along with the central image and emotion.
  • Find the context: how the dream relates to the dreamer’s life.
  • Dealing with abstract ideas and other elements in dreams.
  • Turn the plot into a coherent story, draw insights and find guidance for the next best step.

Bi-Monthly Live Coaching Session

Practice solving dreams and discover ways to empower yourself and promote success and happiness through the content of your dreams. Each dream you recall is a source of meaningful insights. For example:

  • Which confrontations are you avoiding? Why?
  • What is hindering you, and what should you do?
  • What frustrates you, and how can you achieve what you want?
  • What self-doubts or concerns are weighing on you in vain?



Tuition includes the complete program: $395

Special Oct-November 2023 Promotion: Get it now for 3 installments of just $91 (total $273)

  • The Fall program will commence in November 2023
  • An opportunity for a one-on-one exploration of your dreams and personal experiences with Estee Fisher Heim.
  • Recordings of the live sessions are available for club members for an additional fee.


Don’t miss out! 
Join the waiting list now to secure your spot starting November 2023. Limited spots are available.

Sometimes, we may experience a “lucid dream”: While dreaming, you are partially conscious and realize that you are dreaming

Invite Estee Fisher Heim for a Zoom Meeting in your organization

Estee Fisher Heim is delighted to offer Zoom talks on the fascinating subject of dreams and dreaming.

During these engaging sessions, we will explore a range of intriguing topics, including the purpose of dreams, how dreams are born, the nature of bizarre dreams versus the clarity of certain dreams, dream recall enhancement techniques, accurate dream interpretation through the application of the straightforward DASCh method.

We will also discuss how dreams can enhance creativity and serve as a catalyst for generating novel ideas and innovative solutions. Furthermore, we will delve into the intriguing questions of whether dreams can provide glimpses into the future or involve premonitions.

  • Meetings can last 1-3 hours, based on your organization’s choice and schedule.
  • To express your interest, pose a question, or request further information, kindly click here to contact Estee’s WhatsApp account.

Your dream may seem nonsensical before you clarify it and discover a perfectly logical and meaningful idea.


A one-on-one Zoom Consultation with Estee

You are welcome to schedule a private consultation with me to discuss your challenges, and of course, if you have related dreams – share them too. I am committed to doing my best, drawing on all my knowledge and experience, but I cannot guarantee your satisfaction.  

Click the button to order

After payment, look for an email from iCU and choose a date for your 1X1 consultation. You can respond to the email and attach your dream in a docx file. Enjoy and prosper! 

If you wish to discuss your dream – please write down what happened the day before the dream – in detail! Write down everything you remember – explore your memory and use your diary. Do that right after you finish describing your dream.

Without a detailed account of the day before the dream, it is usually impossible to point to the context. The context reveals why you had this particular dream. If the dream occurred during an afternoon nap, write down what exactly happened in the morning and every waking hour prior to the dream.

When you daydream, you are creating a night-dream


Send Your Dream

These days we are collecting dreams for our unique AI model that will accurately solve your dreams, in the DASCH method, with a click of a button.

Submit your dream, and you will be among the first who are invited to test the new model. In addition, I may address your dream in the monthly coaching meeting. 

  1. As soon as you recall a dream, write down everything you remember. Also, describe the events from the day preceding the dream. 
  2. Fill out the form: name and email.
  3. Upload a docx file with a detailed description of your dream and yesterday’s events.
  4. Click “Submit”.

Your mail will never be transferred to any third party and will only be used for our private record.

Dreams are dreamt at night, but they are created and recalled in daylight

How to Enhance Dream Recall

dream recall - DASCH
How to improve dream recall

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