Waking up from sleep and recalling a dream always catches us by surprise. We wonder: What went on in my mind when I slept? Where did this dream come from? How did it get into my head? Who created it? And – is the dream delivering a message? Is it a warning? Or – does it foretell the future? 


Unfortunately, dreams are not predicting the future, although understanding your dreams may help you notice or acknowledge data you missed while awake.

Your dreams reveal your inner knowledge: speculations, worries, concerns, doubts, wishes and ambitions. Suppressing knowledge is a defense mechanism, and it may result in dreams revealing ignored data. 

Sigmund Freud said that dreams are wish-fulfilling, but it seems that dreams are just replaying your fleeting thoughts from the past day. If you have an inner wish “to be free” you may dream that you are flying like a glider.

Why? Because the brain clears extra data from the brain when we sleep. If we wake up in the idle of dreaming or right after dreaming, we may remember a dream.



I began unraveling the puzzle of dreams and dreaming, wondering: Does it make sense that dreams are created during sleep without “the awake me”? Not really. But it makes sense that dreaming fulfills a biological function. What is that function? Why do we dream? 


My first initiative was to create a sharp distinction between the activity of dreaming and the dreams we recall. Dreaming is performed while we sleep and does not require our attention, cognition, consciousness, or any other involvement on our part.

Dreaming is NOT a mental activity. When we sleep, we do not think, sense, feel, or engage in any mental experience, although it certainly feels like we do.

dreaming is a sleep-dependent phenomenon: Usually, we are in deep sleep when we dream, and once we wake up – the dreaming stops.

Dreaming is the brain’s mechanism for clearing our heads while we sleep, so that we wake up refreshed and clear-minded, ready to tackle the new day.

 – About Estee –

Estee Fisher Heim is the director of a private online college in Israel, an author of books, and a developer of theories and practical curricula.

Her courses, all in Hebrew, can be taken online at: www.online-college.co.il
In her private practice, she is a counselor, coach, and therapist, primarily focusing on helping couples in crisis, resolving family and business conflicts, and supporting the growth and success of small business owners.

She studied education at the Teachers’ Seminary and philosophy at Beer Sheva University. During her stay in the United States from 1985 to 1997, she pursued studies and engaged in education, real estate, and finance. In 1998, she led a unique AI project focused on document summarization.

She studied education at the Teachers’ Seminary and philosophy at Beer Sheva University, and while in the United States between 1985 and 1997, she studied and worked in education, real estate, and finances. Estee Fisher Heim is a dreamer, visionary, and diligent entrepreneur, as demonstrated by her significant personal achievements and unique capabilities in helping others find happiness and prosperity.

She is an autodidact. Although she has never pursued formal academic integration, she has cultivated profound expertise across various disciplines, including psychology, business success, and artificial intelligence. Her extensive knowledge comes from ongoing independent studies fueled by passion and curiosity to understand the mysteries of humanity. 

  1. The theories developed by Fisher Heim include the following:


  1. Intuitive Intelligence – This theory combines intuitive feelings and inner knowledge with rational thinking and judgment, resulting in novel and precise insights expressed in her theories and work with clients.
  2. Coaching therapy – This practical therapeutic approach combines psychotherapy foundations with coaching principles. It aims to help and strengthen individuals with low self-confidence, dwindling mental strength, or non-clinical mild depression.
  3. Practical positive psychology – Fisher Heim has developed numerous practical techniques and tools to enhance positivity, optimism, joie de vivre, mental resilience, and coping abilities with situations and challenge.
  4. DASCH method –This model for clarifying dreams as a second chance is based on brain research and neuroscience findings. 


Her first two books were published in Israel, in 1996 and 2004, so far only in Hebrew. However, she chose to write the book about dreams in English, and you can find it on Amazon.

Contact: For inquiries, you can contact Estee Fisher-Heim via WhatsApp or the contact form on this page.

Dreams are confusing and unclear because they portray new ideas we did not consider consciously


Purchase the Book

The book is available on Amazon in digital or printed format.
400 pages, published by iCU, Israel, 2023

Recalling a dream is accidental and random,
and it is the second and last chance to meet an idea before it is gone forever.


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Dreams are dreamt at night but created in daylight 


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In daydreaming, new ideas pass our mind and may come back to us in night-dreams.


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Estee Fisher Heim is delighted to offer Zoom talks on the fascinating subject of dreams and dreaming. During these engaging sessions, we will explore a range of intriguing topics, including:

  • the purpose of dreams
  • how dreams are born
  • how to understand every bizarre dream
  • dream-recall enhancement techniques
  • how to invite a dream on a particular issue
  • accurate dream interpretation through the application of the straightforward DASCH method.

We will also discuss how dreams can enhance creativity and serve as a catalyst for generating novel ideas and innovative solutions. Furthermore, we will delve into the intriguing questions of whether dreams can provide glimpses into the future or involve premonitions.

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Sometimes, we may experience partial consciousness during sleep and have a “lucid dream”:
you are dreaming, and you know that you are dreaming.


Dreams-Solved – A 3-Session Online Workshop

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by applying the DASCH technique.
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Join us for Session #1, where we’ll embark on a fascinating exploration of the origins of dreams and the benefit of clarifying dreams. Discover the secrets behind the DASCH method, a powerful technique for unraveling the “hidden” meanings in your dreams.

Through interactive discussions and exercises, we’ll delve into the art of dream solving, unlocking the door to a world filled with personal insights.

Discover the techniques and methods to extract the exact meanings “hidden” within your dreams, empowering you with profound insights. In Session #2, we’ll also explore the fascinating world of bizarre dreams, known as REM dreams, and uncover their unique characteristics. We’ll dive deeper into the realm of “dream interpretation” as we unravel the enigmatic nature of dreams “as they are”.  

Moreover, we’ll unlock the astonishing capacity of “dreams on demand”, where you can tap into the extraordinary ability to order dreams on specific issues. Engage in dynamic discussions and practical exercises, and expand your understanding of the extraordinary power of dreams.

In this captivating session, prepare to unleash your creativity through the power of dreams. Discover how to harness the potential of bizarre dreams and thought-dreams (Non-REM dreams) as a wellspring of inspiration. Explore the realm of metaphors and abstract concepts that are revealed in your dreams, unlocking a rich tapestry of innovative ideas.

But that’s not all! We’ll also delve into the realm of lucid dreams, where you can become an active participant in your dream world, shaping it to suit your creative desires. Gain insights into the significance of recurring dreams and nightmares, transforming them into catalysts for personal growth and artistic expression.

Discover the limitless potential of your dreaming capacity. Session #3 may pave your way for new artistic endeavors and personal breakthroughs.


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The brain produces whatever the mind creates: while daydreaming, your brain creates scenes that flash through your mind and may return as a dream.


These days we are collecting dreams for our unique AI model that will accurately solve your dreams, in the DASCH method, with a click of a button. Submit your dream and you will be among the first who are invited to test the new program.

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