Basically, you can start with understanding the central image in your dream or finding the connection between the dream and your everyday life. You can also start with a general characterization of the dream.

In a one-on-one conversation, we can solve together any dream within a few minutes, as long as the dream is fresh in your head. That is, no more than 8 hours have elapsed since you woke up and recalled the dream.

If you haven’t yet read the book, or have read it but want to reinforce or enhance your understanding: Click here for the questionnaire that will guide you how to solve your dream – for free! The more details you remember and record, the more accurate the solution will be.

In any case, since this is a questionnaire, without a one-on-one talk, it is quite likely that the solution received from the questionnaire will be incomplete or somewhat inaccurate. The most significant element in trying to understand a dream is identifying the context: The connection between the dream and your life. Try to find out the context by yourself, and you can always ask me for a personal call at the link below.

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The theories developed by Fisher Heim include the following:
  1. Intuitive Intelligence – A pragmatic theory, combining intuition and inner knowledge with rational thinking and judgment, and resulting in precise insights. The method is practiced in coaching, counseling, and therapy.
  2. Coaching therapy – A practical therapeutic approach that combines psychotherapy understandings with coaching principles. It aims to strengthen individuals with low self-confidence, dwindling mental strength, or non-clinical mild depression.
  3. Practical positive psychology – Based on recent studies, Fisher Heim developed practical techniques and tools to enhance positivity, optimism, joie de vivre, mental resilience, and successful coping with challenges.
  4. DASCh method – This model for clarifying dreams as a second chance is based on neuroscience findings.
Her first two books were published in Israel, in 1996 and 2004, so far only in Hebrew. However, she chose to write the book about dreams in English, and you can find it on Amazon. Contact: For inquiries, you can contact Estee Fisher-Heim via WhatsApp or the contact form on this page.

Untreated matters continue to weigh on us emotionally and may pop up in daydreaming, non-consciously producing new ideas. The new unnoticed content occupies significant brain space, and the brain perceives it as content that doesn’t need to be stored in long-term memory. During sleep, the brain assigns the unattended new ideas to dreaming.

Are we supposed to remember our dreams?

This may surprise you, but the answer is negative. Dreaming is an extinction mechanism that aims to eliminate non-conscious, untreated content. Normally, we do not remember anything from dreaming, although sometimes we do.

During these engaging sessions, we will explore a range of intriguing topics, including the purpose of dreams, how dreams are born, the nature of bizarre dreams versus the clarity of certain dreams, dream recall enhancement techniques, accurate dream interpretation through the application of the straightforward DASCh method.

We will also discuss how dreams can enhance creativity and serve as a catalyst for generating novel ideas and innovative solutions. Furthermore, we will delve into the intriguing questions of whether dreams can provide glimpses into the future or involve premonitions.

  • The length of each meeting can range from 1 to 3 hours, depending on your organization’s preference and schedule.
  • To express your interest, pose a question, or request further information, kindly click here to contact Estee’s WhatsApp account.
  1. Go to the website:
  2. You will see the current time in your location. Type: Jerusalem, and you will get the time in Jerusalem.
  3. Calculate the difference and note whether it is ahead or behind your time.
  4. Add or subtract the time difference to the workshop timings in Jerusalem to determine the corresponding local time.
  5. For example, if New York is 8 hours behind Jerusalem, you would subtract 8 hours from the Jerusalem workshop timings to find your local time.


Secure your spot now by reserving here for the September workshop. We look forward to your participation!

Important Note: Notifications and links regarding the meetings and recordings will be sent via email. To ensure you receive all the important updates, please add my email address to your contacts.

We will respond within 3 business days to schedule a date for the consultation.

For the conversation, write down what happened the day before the dream, in detail! Write down everything you remember – browse your memory and use your diary. Do that right after you finish describing your dream.

Without a detailed account of the day before the dream, it is usually impossible to point to the context. If the dream occurred during an afternoon nap, write down what exactly happened in the morning and every waking hour prior to the dream.

I am committed to doing my best, drawing on all my knowledge and experience, but cannot guarantee your satisfaction.

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